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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Meetings in the WOA Center during the last week step by step:
Monday, 19 - EC for beginners with Katia S. The main topic was "At Home".
Tuesday, 20 - Matt M. presented a US Quiz, this time the misterious state was South Dakota.
Thursday, 22 - "Crowds" - such was the topic for discussion.
And finally on Saturday, 24, we talked about future and competed in making the best 1 mln dollars project for Vinnytsia.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saturday, March, 17. English Club with Matt M.
To warm up, we spoke a little about sleeping and dreams. The main topic was "Body Language", and it suddenly turned out, that almost each English Club member was an excellent psychologist!
At the end we had a competition. The task was to make the best project of a zoo for Vinnytsia.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Продовжуємо вивчати англійську мову щопонеділка о 17.30 в Центрі "Вікно в Америку".
На останньому занятті модератор Катерина С. розповіла, як не переплутати інфінітив з герундієм і правильно вживати конструкції з too-enough.

Black cat crossing your way when a woman with an evil eye has just crossed your way and a gardener has put a ladder you are to go under on Friday 13th... All these are believed to bring bad luck! And you cross your fingers, try to find a 5-petal lilac blossom or a 4-petal clover leaf, turn around 3 times, split over your left shoulder to break a curse. All these and many other superstions were a hot potato at the club with Natalia M. on... not Friday 13th 😀 but on the first day of Spring - May 1st! 
P.S. Remember a black cat crossing your way signifies an animal is going somewhere!