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Thursday, November 29, 2012

English Teen Club with Dasha B.

 The participants of this English Teen Club's meeting discussed a topic "Hobbies" sharing their ideas how it could be useful to spend a day without social nets.
Useful expressions on the chosen topic were practised in dialogues. After a short presentation atendees discussed questions on Hobbies.
Dasha B., FLEX alumna 2012, shared her own experience on her being as a baby sitter in the U.S.  and some hobbies she used to have.

English Teen Club!

Привіт, друзі! ЧУДОВА НОВИНА!!!

З середи, 21 листопада, стартує English Teen Club.
Якщо ти навчаєшся у школі і тобі ще немає 18, то ласкаво просимо до клубу англійської мови, де ти матимеш змогу попрактикувати мову у цікавій та розважальній формі. На тебе чекають захоплюючі теми для обговорення, ігри, перегляди кінострічок та багато іншого.
Заняття проводяться щосереди о 16,00 у Центрі "Вікно в Америку", що за адресою: вул. Соборна,73, 3 поверх.
Вхід вільний!
Приходь, приводь друзів and let's have some fun!

A Workshop on Thanksgiving Candlesticks

A workshop on decorating candlesticks which is dedicated to the celebration of Thanksgiving

29 листопада о 16,30 у Центрі "Вікно в Америку", що знаходиться за адресою вул Соборна,73, на 3 поверсі Вінницької обласної наукової бібліотеки, відбувся майстер клас по декоруванню підсвічників, присвячений святкуванню Дню Подяки. На воркшоп завітали усі бажаючі, хто вирішив зробити маленьку гарну річ своїми руками та подарувати її дорогій, близькій чи коханій людині.
Усі матеріали для декорування надані представництвом FLEX.
Усі зібрані кошти передані на допомогу онкохворим діткам. 
Ваажаєш,що хочеш провести гарно та з користю для себе час та при цьому допомогти іншим, приєднуйся до нас. Затишну та теплу атмосферу гарантуємо. Чекаємо на інших майстер класах.
Майстер клас провела Даша Баталова (FLEX 12)

English Club on Music, Art, Culture, and Fulfillment

Topic: Music, Art, Culture, and Fulfillment 
Fun Fact of the Day: "16% of Americans will receive one speeding ticket this year and it will cost them on average $150 per ticket" ( 
1. Do you often listen to music? How important is music in our lives? What is your favorite song, artist, or composer of all time? Why so? Has a song or other musical composition ever truly touched you? If you could choose one "theme song" for this stage of your life, what would it be and why?
2. What music "movements" are currently popular? What audiences do you think they are geared to reach? Why do you think rock-n-roll became so popular? Do you think it was a result of its new style or iconic personalities? What is the best music genre, in your opinion? 
3. How does music relate to culture? Do you agree with the statement that, "culture is the widening of tpe mind and of the spirit"? If so, how can music help achieve this? What otheraspects of culture might contribute to this "widening"?
4. What additional works of art might be related to culture, the mind, and spirit? What is your opiniin about "modern," "post-modern," and "contemporary" art? Do you think that these movements are true artwork? What is your favorite style and medium of art and why?
5. Do you have a favorite piece of artwork in Vinnitsa? Where can you go to see works or art and view live performances? What is the best experience you have had here and why did you enjoy it? Do you think that Vinnitsa is a center for artistic expression in Ukraine? Can artwork lead to personal "fulfillment"? 
6. Is there oi\q particular means of artistic expression or artwork that you would like to see or hear in your lifetime? Perhaps a live performance or live taping of a TV show or movie? A famous painting or sculpture? A music, dance, theater, or opera group? Would you like to pursue any of these mediums as a profession or hobby? 
Schedule: Please put topic ideas in the Suggestion Box! 
Saturday, 01 December at 10:30- special session for World HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

World HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

We are having a very special discussion on Saturday, 01 December at 10:30 for World HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. This is a serious but important subject matter, and we hope that you all will be able to attend. 
A special note to our younger club members: Anyone under age 16 will need signed permission from your parents to attend on this day because of the subject material. Anyone under age 16 who does not have permission, will not be allowed to attend this day. We apologize for any inconvenience. We expect and open and challenging discussion.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Party

Participants of Thanksgiving Day party 

Maggie Hankamp with her Thanksgiving turkey

Feasting with WOA Center is an integral & most delightful part of Thanksgiving Day celebrations not only for PC Volunteers of the U.S. in Ukraine. This year a special party was organized for all users of the Center in Vinnytsia. 

Traditional American dishes of this day commemorated the feast held by the Pilgrim colonists and members of the Wampanoag people at Plymouth in 1621. The traditional turkey adorned this dinner table during the feast. Pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, corns were some of the dishes cooked by the American volunteers to mark the day. 

Symbolic Pilgrims decorated the festive table resembling the history of this day. The participants of this joyous activity celebrated Thanksgiving Day with lot of enthusiasm expressing gratitude and giving thanks for love & support. 

There were 38 attendees sharing their Special Thanks to the dearest ones. PC Volunteers told some stories about Thanksgiving Day celebrations in their families.

English Club on Time and Influence

Can we really stop the aging process, slow it down, or even reverse the effects of aging on our skin and body? It is an enigma for which so many have searched the answers to for years. Does time flow quickly when you are young or when you become older? Let's discuss this question together. 
Topic: Time and Our Influence 
Fun Fact of the Day: "There are more unemployed workers in the United States than there are people living in the entire nation of Greece" ( More than 11 million. 
l.What are the many definitions of "time"? What are different ways of calculating time? How important is time in our daily lives? In what different ways do we use and rely on time controls? 
2. How does time influence the course of our lives? In contrast, how can people influence the course of time? Do you think that time controls us or can we ever control it instead? Do you think that paying attention to and organizing time is a good thing, or are people sometimes almost obsessed with "time"? 
3.Have you heard the expression that "time flies"? What does this phrase mean? Is there a way to slow down time? Do you wish time went by slower or would you ever like it to speed up? What events in your life would you like to rush through? 
4. If there was one point or time in your life you could return to, what would it be and why would you do this? What was the best "time" of your life thus far? Was it a particular age, place, relationship with an individual, or journey, for example? What made it the best? 
5. Do you think that our appreciation of time gets better as we age? How do humans influence the Earth, or at least our places in it, over time? How do we each leave our own "footprints" in our worlds? Do you agree that time is truly "wasted on the young"? 
6. Have you heard of the many different "end of time" predictions, such as the 21st of December date? What do you think of these predictions? Is it a "waste of time" to pay attention to such notions, or do you think they are important in our daily lives? 
7. To achieve true success and to find meaning in life, how much time do you think needs to pass? Does time matter in being successful? Why or why not? 
Schedule: Please put topic ideas in the Suggestion Box! 
Thursday, 29 November at 5:30
Saturday, 01 December at 10:30- special club for World AIDS Awareness Day.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Presentation for English Teen Club with FLEX Alumna

On the 21st of November Daria Batalova, Flex alumna, hosted a presentation on Thanksgiving in an English Teen Club that started on that very day. There were present 8 people at the first meeting of the club. After a short presentation Daria had some fun activities for the members of the club. They were able to learn more fun facts about Thanksgiving.
They also had a nice opportunity to practice their speaking abilities while having a discussion on the topic “What we may be thankful for”. At the end of the lesson that was a lot of fun to have a quiz and see how everybody understood the information about this amazing American holiday. Hopefully the club will exist in the future and everybody who is willing to better their English will have this chance.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

CO.NX Upcoming Program Guide

Tales from the Wild: 
Wildlife Q&A with TV Personality Jeff Corwin
First webchat: Monday, December 3, 2012 at 22:00 EST (03:00 UTC on Tuesday, December 4)
Second webchat: Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at 08:00 EST (13:00 UTC)
Description: Are you curious about wildlife, from large horned land animals to their striped, spotted and feathered counterparts? Learn more about wildlife and the importance of conservation from Animal Planet TV personality Jeff Corwin! Corwin will join us for two online Q&A discussions on Monday, December 3 and Tuesday, December 4 at the times listed above. Tune in to ask him your questions! 
Jeff Corwin is an American animal and nature conservationist best known as the host of Animal Planet television programs, The Jeff Corwin Experience and Corwin’s Quest, as well as his current ABC series, Ocean Mysteries. Since he was a teenager, Corwin has been an environmental activist and has worked on the conservation of endangered species and ecosystems around the world. During these hour-long webchats, he will share personal stories and experiences from his travels and discuss the work that he has been doing. 
Format: These programs will be video webchats in English. Please click on the URL above to participate.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ideas Worth Spreading

Careers For People Who Like To Work Alone

If you're a loner looking for a career that suits your personality, consider one of these options.
Does your idea of a perfect workday include more alone time and less interaction with clients and co-workers? You aren't alone in preferring a more solo-based career /by Amy Chang/.

Thanksgiving Celebration is Coming... U r Welcome!

I am sure everybody has their Thanksgiving dinner recipes out. All the Thanksgiving traditions and the Thanksgiving dinners, but do you know the real story behind the first Thanksgiving dinner? 

In 1621, after a very difficult year, the fifty three surviving members of the original 102 that landed on Plymouth Rock gathered together for a three day Thanksgiving celebration. Of the fifty three Pilgrims that survived, only five were women. 

They landed in Plymouth Rock on December 11, 1620. They found themselves in a strange land in the middle of winter. This was not going to be easy. 

In the first ten months they built seven dwellings, a meeting house, and three small storehouses for food. They had provisions with them when they arrived, but those went quickly in the very harsh winter. Sickness and death found its way in among them, and forty six Pilgrims died that first year. The winter was so harsh and food and warmth were getting so hard to find, that their food ration was five kernels of corn a day. 

Why did these people go through all of this? Taking their families and leaving England to start a new life in a land that they did not know? 

Think about that for a moment. Put yourself in their shoes. Their devotion to God and the freedom to worship Him as they see it in the bible, drove them from the land they were born. They left everything that was near and dear to them behind. Friends and those family members that did not go were probably never going to be seen again. They were giving up everything and for what? 

I think if I were there, I would have told them to stay. Stay in England! This is where your roots are! So what if the government tells you how to worship, and where to worship, it’s not worth going to somewhere you’ve never been. Who knows what fate awaits you over there. Even the journey by sea was long and dangerous. 

Outside of a brief try at life in the Netherlands, it was agreed to go to the new land. They were not the first ones who had been there, but they were among the first colonies to stay and lay down roots in a land they would call home. 

Then there was the problem of trying to set up new relationships with the Indians of that land. These Indians had seen white people come before, but now to have them stay……that was another story. The Indians were very cautious of their new neighbors. 

After watching them struggle and many of them dying, the Indians made a treaty with the Pilgrims and showed them how to fish and plant food that would grow well in the soil of their new home. If it were not for the Indians, many believe all of the Pilgrims would have died that first year. 

That brings us to the first Thanksgiving celebration. It was not what we do today, because the English always had a celebration that they did every year, but this time they brought in their Indian friends. The harvest had been good, because of what the Indians had taught them, and they and about sixty of their Indian friends were going to worship God and give thanks. 

Remember, there were only fifty three Pilgrims left. They survived a long winter on rationing the last few corn stocks they had left. Some of their family and friends died. They were cold, and yet they were going to feast for the next three days with their new found friends, on the provisions that God had provided for them. 

That is just amazing to me. I know that times are hard right now for a lot of us. The economy is down. Many have lost their jobs. But we live in the greatest country on the face of God’s green earth. We can worship were we want too. We can worship what we want too. We have it so well today, and all I ever hear is people complaining. Some people are such whiners and complainers, that I think if you gave them a million dollars, they would complain that the bills are too stiff. You can never make them happy. 

After everything that they had been through, these fifty three people got down on their knees and gave thanks to God for all that He had provided. 

Gratitude is the missing element in our society today. We live in a,” You owe me,” society is what we have today and everybody grabbing, taking, and never giving a thought to say thank you. 

I don’t know what your tradition is at Thanksgiving, but this year at your Thanksgiving celebration, give a thought to someone or something that you are grateful for. 

Find someone who is struggling, and reach out to give them a hand so that they also may enjoy a heart of gratitude and thankfulness at their Thanksgiving Celebration. 

Happy Thanksgiving


Saturday, November 17, 2012

English Club on 'Culture and Conflict'

Topic: Culture and Conflict
Fun Fact of the Day: “One out of every seven Americans has at least 10 credit cards” (
1.What is “culture” and how does it help form our characters and affect our daily lives? Are you proud of your cultural heritage? How important is culture in shaping national pride and in forming relationships with friends and colleagues?
2. What important factors contribute to the development of interpersonal relationships with other members of your own culture? Do you feel an immediate closeness with members of your own culture, as opposed to foreigners? Can other people from your culture feel like foreigners to you? If so, how?
3. Have you ever had a conflict with someone from another culture, perhaps someone who lives in your native country? How did the conflict develop? What strategies might be useful for managing and solving this situation?
4. How do you or other members of your culture cope with and adapt to unfamiliar cultural environments, at home or abroad? Is it ever challenging to communicate with people from other cultures? Do they have different approaches to basic interactions? What factors can increase our effectiveness in communicating across cultures?  
5. While becoming acclimated into another culture or getting to know foreigners, what do you think are some of the biggest offenses you may have accidentally made? Do you think it is easy to inadvertently offend someone from another culture? How can you try to avoid such situations?
6. Have you noticed any changes in yourself as a consequence of your experiences abroad or relationships with individuals from another culture? How can we all become more intercultural as a result of cross-cultural relations? Can new and maybe even improved “cross-cultural communities” develop?
Schedule: Please put topic ideas in the Suggestion Box!
Thursday, 22 November at 5:30- Happy Thanksgiving Party! If you would like to contribute, please bring a small food or drink item to club. We will share our spread and learn about the history of this great holiday!
Saturday, 24 November at 10:30

Friday, November 16, 2012

International Exchange Visitor Programs and Travelling

  Special Guest: Dasha 
Fun Fact of the Day: “The state of Alaska is 429 times larger than the state of Rhode Island, but Rhode Island has a significantly larger population than Alaska” ( 
1. What is an “international exchange visitor program”? What do you think are the main goals of international exchange programs? Do these programs affect international relationships across the world? Do you know anyone who is currently studying or used to study abroad? What experiences have they shared with you? 

2. Would you like to go abroad on an exchange program? Why or why not? If so, where would you like to go? What else would you do while studying abroad? Do you think it is hard to get used to life in another country? If you were an exchange student, what do you think would be the easiest and hardest issues to cope with? 
3. Why do people like studying abroad? Does studying in another country give them any advantages for their future lives? Why might international students want to study in Ukraine? How do they differ from host country citizens? 
4. Do you think that people change a lot while working or studying abroad? Do you believe that their personalities change over time, or do they perhaps alter their opinions on particular issues? Why do people who have been abroad, want to make contributions to their communities? Do you think they can make a difference in their home countries? 
5. Who are “global citizens”? Do you believe that people can ever be truly global citizens? What do you think of this quote by Miriam Beard: “Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” Do you agree with this opinion? 
6. Do you like traveling? What countries have you visited? Which one did you like the best? If you have lived abroad, what lessons did you learn? Have you ever thought that life in another country may be better, or rather just different? How can you compare life experiences between countries? 
Schedule: Please put topic ideas in the Suggestion Box! 
Saturday, 17 November at 10:30 
Thursday, 22 November at 5:30- Thanksgiving Party!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Робота центрів «Вікно в Америку»добре висвітлювалася засобами масової інформації, їм було присвячено низку публікацій у пресі. Заохотьте журналістів-партнерів бібліотек подаватися на цей конкурс.
Конкурс «Відкрий для себе сучасну бібліотеку» організовано Радою міжнародних досліджень та обмінів (IREX) у рамках програми «Бібліоміст» (, ГО «Телекритика», Міністерством культури України, Державним комітетом телебачення та радіомовлення України.
Завдання конкурсу – продемонструвати цінність модернізованих бібліотек в Україні та підтримати роботу журналістів, які висвітлюють тематику модернізації публічних бібліотек, підвищуючи рівень поінформованості у суспільстві та трансформуючи сприйняття бібліотек громадськістю як установ, які пропонують відвідувачам послуги на основі нових інформаційних технологій у відповідь на сучасні потреби користувачів.
Можна подавати публікації, що побачили світ після 1 лютого 2012 р.

"International Educational Week"

You are welcome to participate in an activity on "International Educational Week". A Leader: Dasha Batalova (FLEX alumna). Where: WOA Center. When: November 15, 2012 @ 5:30 pm.

CO.NX Upcoming Programs Newsletter (Nov.14 - Dec.4)

NaNoWriMo: How Writing 50,000 Words in 30 Days Changed My Life – NEW!
Monday, November 19, 2012
09:00 EST (14:00 UTC / 18:00 Moscow)
Description: "To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time." – Leonard Bernstein
U.S. Embassy Moscow and the Moscow American Center invite you to join a National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) online workshop and U.S.-Russia webchat featuring American authors/NaNoWriMo organizers Nancy Kelley and Tim Peacock. During NaNoWriMo, writers across the globe challenge themselves to complete 50,000-word novels during the month of November. Nancy and Tim will discuss the NaNoWriMo movement and how participating in this experiment changed them as writers. Join us and be inspired!
Format: This program will be a video webchat in English and Russian. Please click on the URL above to participate.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

English Club on 'Illusion'

  Topic: Dreams, Daydreams, Illusions and Euphoria
Fun Fact of the Day: “The percentage of Africa that is wilderness: 28%. The percentage of North America that is wilderness: 38%” (
1. What are the two main definitions of the word, “dreams”? What do dreams do for us? How important are they in our daily and future lives? Have you ever had recurring or meaningful dreams? Do you think that dreams are truly imaginary or are they sometimes unspoken aspects of our subconscious?
2. What is “daydreaming” and how does it differ from dreams at night? Do you agree that, “life is like a dream”? How does daydreaming help us to process or thoughts? Comparatively, do you believe in “déjà vu”? Do you think this is a type of “dream state” or daydream? Have you ever experienced déjà vu?
3. What are “illusions”? Are illusions related to dreams? Do you think that illusions are positive or negative beliefs? How do illusions affect our social interactions and goals?
4. In what way is life like an illusion? How can you separate reality from illusions? Do you think it’s possible to live in an illusion, i.e. a false perception of certain circumstances? How could this affect our futures and those around us?
5. What is “euphoria”? Can euphoria be connected to illusions, dreams, and daydreams? What are the means of achieving true euphoria? Do you think that it can ever really exist? Do you think that you have ever experienced euphoria? If so, what were the circumstances?
6. What lessons can we learn from dreams, daydreams, and illusions? Based on this discussion, how are we all connected by such processes and creations? How does the pursuit of happiness, or perhaps euphoria, alter our dreams and goals for the future? How can illusions inhibit this pursuit?
Schedule: Please put topic ideas in the Suggestion Box!
Thursday, 15 November at 5:30- Special club for International Education Week.
Saturday, 17 November at 10:30

Friday, November 9, 2012

CO.NX Upcoming Program Guide: A Taste of Thanksgiving

Upcoming Program Guide

Live! From the State Department Kitchen: A Taste of Thanksgiving  – NEW!Wednesday, November 14, 2012
08:00 EST (13:00 UTC)
URL:  (Short URL: )

Description:  From mouth-watering turkeys to sweet potato pie, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving each year by coming together to share a meal and express gratitude. Join us for an interactive discussion with four renowned chefs about this special holiday tradition! Watch as Chefs B. Smith and Art Smith prepare classic American Thanksgiving dishes, and learn about the history of Thanksgiving from Richard Hetzler, Chef with the National Museum of the American Indian. White House Assistant Chef Sam Kass will moderate the online discussion.
Format: This program will be an interactive video webcast in English with live captions and an audio-only option. Please click on the URL above to participate. Follow the conversation on Twitter with#Thanksgiving @CONX.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

An Excursion for Those Who Want to Learn English

English Club on Discoveries

 Topic: Discoveries

Fun Fact of the Day: “The retail price for the iPad would be $1,140 if it were built by American workers instead of Chinese” (
 1. What is a “discovery”?  Is there a difference between a discovery and an invention?  What do you think are the most important discoveries and inventions of all time?
 2. Do you think there are specific professions dedicated to uncovering new discoveries?  What professions rely on research approaches?  What are the benefits of such professions?  Would you like this kind of career?
 3. What is archaeology and how is it related to the process of discovery?  Do you find this an interesting profession?  What methods are used in archaeological processes?  What do you think are the most impressive archaeological discoveries of all time?  Have you ever been to such sites, or is there anywhere that you would really like to visit?
 4. Are there any essential discoveries that have recently been made in the medical field?  How do medically-related professions help us everyday?  Is there one discovery in the medical field that you think has saved the most lives, for example?  Is there anything that you think our modern world couldn’t live without?
 5. What recent discoveries have been made in space?  Do you consider space exploration as a “discovery” field?  How might these discoveries and explorations be important for us on earth?  Is there anything you hope will be found in space in the near future?
 6. If you could discover or uncover one thing in our world, either physical or intellectual, what would it be and why?  Do you think the most important discoveries for the future will be in the medical field or in another aspect of our lives?  What is one thing that you hope will be discovered in your lifetime?
 Schedule: Please put topic ideas in the Suggestion Box!
 Saturday, 10 November at 10:30
Thursday, 15 November at 5:30- let me know if you want to lead!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This Day at Our Center: New Ways to Learn English

Olha Konoval'chuk on 'New Technologies in English Learning'
(Vinnytsia Regional Universal Research Library named after K.A. Timiriazev, 
the librarian of the Department of Literature in Foreign Languages with her first excursion)
Students of Vinnytsia Pedagogical University named after Mykhailo Kotsyubynsky (35 participants)
Getting an invitation for Thanksgiving workshop

A Workshop on Thanksgiving

Hello everybody!
We, Flex alumni’12, invite everybody to take part in our workshop on decorating candlesticks which is dedicated to the celebration of Thanksgiving. Are you willing to have some fun, make a cute thing with hands and then give it to your friend, a member of your family or just beloved one as a present on Thanksgiving?
Then come to Window on America Center on the 29th of November at 16.30 and share a good time with us.
All the materials for decorating candlesticks are provided by us, so you don’t need to worry about bringing anything.
We will have fixed fee for this workshop. As a result, all the donated money will be raised for the cancer department in the regional hospital in Vinnytsia.
You are welcome to bring your friends.
 So, come and let’s help others while doing some fun stuff.
 The confirmations of your participation, please, send to
  If you have any questions on the upcoming workshop, feel free to contact!
  Dasha 067 89 555 89

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Книги та комп'ютери в інформаційному суспільстві": зустріч з вихованцями Центру "Обрій"

 До Інформаційно-ресурсного Центру «Вікно в Америку» завітали вихованці Вінницького  обласного центру соціально-психологічної реабілітації дітей та молоді з функціональними обмеженнями «Обрій».  Учасники (22) мали можливість переглянути презентації «Від появи першої книги до створення першого комп’ютера». Організатори зустрічі – Ольга Коновальчук та Юлія Кашпрук  (Вінницька ОУНБ ім. К.А. Тімірязєва) - познайомили вихованців реабілітаційного Центру з електронними читанками та планшетними комп’ютерами, демонструючи можливості нових технологій у вивченні іноземних мов. Історія появи перших книг та перших комп’ютерів, нове покоління електронних книг та IPad стали в основі обговорення. Вихованці вчились користуватись електронними рідерами, познайомились з програмою Rosetta Stone з вивчення англійської мови. Зустріч транслюватимуть на Вінницькому державному телебаченні (19:30).