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Saturday, March 30, 2013

English Club on 'Have You Ever Thought About Health?'

Have you heard of any interesting or unique ways to increase or improve a person’s health? Perhaps, everybody has his own answer on this question. No doubt, there is a difference between “physical”, “emotional”, “psychological”, and “spiritual” person’s health. There are some links between these various definitions. But in fact, physical disorders lead to psychological or emotional unwellness. As a result, it ruins a human in general. It was a topic for the discussion at English Club on March, 30 2013 leading by PCV Mila H.

Fun Fact of the Day: A German map maker accidentally named the continent “America,” after explorer Amerigo Vespucci, who make four voyages to the “New World.” Vespucci never suggested giving the land his name, but it was eventually named with the female form of ‘Amerigo,’ though he never knew about this honor (
1. What do you think of when you hear the world “health”? What is your personal definition of health? What aspects of our lives involve health and “wellness”? When do you feel the healthiest? Does your health directly relate to a time of day or a particular season? How can you try to stay healthy in all seasons?
2. What “home remedies” do you use when you are ill? Have you heard of any interesting or unique ways to increase or improve a person’s health? How did you get healthy again the last time you were sick? Did you purchase medicine or try to use home remedies? What works best for you and what methods do you think are the healthiest?
3. Is there a difference between “physical,” “emotional,” and “psychological” health, or are they all interconnected in your opinion? What affects our daily lives more? How does our way of life and general lifestyles alter our overall health? Is there a “best” lifestyle to have?
4. Do you think that a physical ailment can lead to an emotional or psychological one, or viceversa? Do you think that a person can plan or cause disease of some kind? Do “negative thoughts” lead to illness? If you think you will get sick, do you think that an illness will result from these thoughts? How could the “power of positive thinking” help us stay healthy?
5. What activities do you think have the highest affect on a person’s health, in both a positive and negative manner? How is overall health (physical, emotional, and psychological) affected by smoking and alcohol, for example? How is it affected by sports, use of technology, gaming, friendships, relationships, etc.? What activities should you avoid, and what balance of activities should you try to achieve in your life?
6. Do you think that there is a 100% healthy person? If so, how do you think they became this healthy? How can you try to be the healthiest at any stage in your life? Do you think that health standards and activities should vary by age? If so, how? Is there anything about your life that you would like to change to make yourself healthier?
Thursday, 04 April at 5:30
Saturday, 06 April at 10:30

Friday, March 29, 2013

It is Time for a Debate on Marriage

Is MARRIAGE slavery or blessing? The participants of Vinnytsia English Club gathered in the Center to discuss this question. A debate was organized for 38 attendees who wished to express some ideas on it by PC volunteer Mila H.
 A group was divided into 2 depending on their thoughts and life position. For somebody marriage is slavery while for others it is a sense of life and self-development.
 What is your opinion? Let’s discuss it together. Perhaps, you are of other thought.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

English Teens Club Meeting

On the 27th of March Dasha B. led an English Teens Club. That was the last meeting in this month and around 13 members of the Club participated actively in it. At the beginning a leader of this activity suggested to review Grammar: Present Continuous and Present Perfect tences that were previously learnt. Dasha was indeed satisfied with her students as they showed knowledge in this material. Then Present Continuous Tence was explained to the participants of the club. In order to practice, the attendees did a number of grammar exercises using various situations and tences. Lastly, Dasha handed out different dialogues and gave a task to read those dialogues in pairs, translate them and write down new words. The atmosphere among the members was warm, so that was not a problem for them to read the dialogues out load and feel themselves pretty confident. You are eager to practice your Grammar, please, you're welcome. Every Wednesday @ 4 pm.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

March Topic for English Club: Hopes and Preferences

It does not matter if you want some changes or do not, but new spring season with its wish to blossom changes you. First, it presents freshness, recency, verdure or viridity, sometimes breeziness, and at least originality. In your mind it is a vortex of desires, hopes and dreams. Among them there are those you want to achieve during your lifetime. Do you have any aspirations that you want to fulfill? If so, what are they and how do you plan on accomplishing them'? Do you have any preferable methods for ensuring success? What legacy would you like to leave? Let's discuss these questions together.

Fun Fact of the Day: "In Wyoming, you need a license to take a picture of a rabbit during January, February, March, or April" (
1. What is the difference between something you "like" and what you "prefer" to do? What is a "preference"? What activities do you like and dislike doing on a regular basis? What is your favorite extracurricular activity at the moment? How do you spend your free time? Do your preferences depend on mood, season, or social group, etc.?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

English Club on Events and Life Lessons

You can ask yourself what 10 Life Lessons people learn too late. The answers vary depending on a person. No doubt, everybody mentions the phrase: 'Failures are only lessons'. Are life lessons commonly positive or negative? Is there any event or life lesson that has made you the happiest at this stage in your life? Every situation gives you a great life experience. No matter, it is positive or negative one. It is given exactly to you to solve it now, at this moment not tomorrow. It makes you better if you learn to find keys to this difficulties. Be attentive. Only in this case you will realize that this situation is an answer to your question asked before. Moreover, it shows the level of your development - spiritual or material one. Be wise and follow the way. Some day you will have a great experience you will use in solving more difficult situations. You are welcome to discuss this topic with us. Perhaps, you are of other mind.
Fun Fact of the Day: "In Alaska, it is legal to shoot bears if necessary, but waking a sleeping bear for the pupose of taking a photograph is prohibited" (
1. What is an "event"? What are the most important or interesting events that have recently happened in your life? Did these occurrences leave a good or bad impression on you? Did they involve your work, studies, or personal life? What do you think the consequences of these events will be on your future life?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

English Teen Club on FLEX and More...

Warm greetings from English Club's participants made a special introduction of this Wednesday meeting. At first attendees reviewed grammatical tenses using various situations. The king of this training was Present Perfect 'cause a lot of sentences were used in it. It was real Grammar training. Some activating vocabulary exercises (made by Mark Fletcher) were a perfect addition to train English skills. A presentation on your favourite deals and things led to the end of this teens' meeting. Some words were said by a leader of this activity - FLEX alumna Dasha B. - on the Future Leaders Exchange Programs, its eligibility, application and enrichment activities. This program gives students /ages 15-17/ the chance to live with a host family and attend a U.S. high school for a year. So, if you're a teenager, English Teen Club invites you for its meetings /03/27/13/.

Live Webchat on Youth & Security Series

Youth & Security Series: Urban Movements and Cultural Transformation – How You Go from a Life of Violence to a Life of Living CultureNEW!
Wednesday, April 3, 2013
15:00 EDT (19:00 UTC)
Description: Hosted by U.S. Embassy La Paz, join a webchat featuring U.S. Cultural Visitor program alumnus Abraham Pari, a street dance choreographer and leader of "El Alto Estilo Crew" Street Dance Troupe, and Daniel Ibañez, an activist in preventing violence through Hip Hop and founder of the Khana Aru Imanthata Aru (K.A.I., Aymara for Clear and Hidden Voice) Cultural Association. Pari and Ibañez will share best practices in urban cultural movements to pull at-risk youth from a life of violence and into a life of living culture. Engage in a live Q&A with Pari and Ibañez online!
Background: Young people across the Americas face serious threats that include gang violence, drugs, and crime. Government-to-government cooperation on these problems often takes a broad approach, but youth who want constructive change in their communities need ideas, support, and empowerment at the local level. Join us for the second in a series of monthly webchats to talk about best practices for empowering at-risk youth through the arts, sports, and education. Through virtual networking and knowledge sharing, this webchat series will build communities of practice across the hemisphere, linking alumni of educational and exchange programs and community-based activists in support of youth empowerment and violence prevention.
Format: This program will be a live video webchat in Spanish. Please click on the URL above to participate. Follow the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #noviolencia.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

English Club on 'Advice, Actions, and Words'

Who is the best adviser for you in various situations? It seems, the right answer depends on you, doesn't it? Sometimes it is better to speak with yourself first and then (if you insist) to search the answer aside. Let's discuss this topic together. Perhaps, you are of other mind...
Topic: Advice, Actions, and Words
Fun Fact of the Day: "During the election of 1828, politics got personal when Andrew Jackson's opponents called him a jackass. He gleefully adopted the image for the Democratic Party: a donkey!" (
1. Do you read "problem pages" in magazines and newspapers?. Do you think that the letters are genuine? Would you follow any of the "advice" given in such,pages? Have you even submitted a problem question to an anonymous source, or would you do so in the future? What are the most common "problems" and "solutions" discussed in these pages?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Semester in Washington post-graduate, multimedia fellowship

Стажування на один рік у Вашингтоні, для осіб які вільно працюють з html та cms. Стипендія - 528 доларів в тиждень + безплатне проживання. Дедлайн подачі заявки - 1 квітня.
Деталі тут:

Всім випускникам американських коледжів та університетів!

Dear Alumni of U.S. Universities,
Would you like to represent your U.S. alma mater in Ukraine? Share your U.S. university experience with Ukrainians? Guide interested young people to a rich and rewarding educational experience in the U.S.? It's easy!
WHO: Alumni (American or Ukrainian) of U.S. higher education institutions.
WHAT: EducationUSA Alumni/Higher Education Fair An EducationUSA alumni education fair will be organized in Donetsk on Wednesday, April 3 from 2.30pm-7pm by the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv and the EducationUSA Advising Center (EAC) at American Councils. A second education fair will be held in Ivano-Frankivsk in mid May, tentatively scheduled for May 16. While traditional EducationUSA fairs involve representatives of U.S. universities traveling to various countries to recruit students, the alumni fair model allows the EAC to reach out to host country nationals on a grassroots level by involving Ukrainaian alumni of U.S. universities, U.S. foreign service officers and family members, Peace Corps Volunteers and others who have studied in the U.S. to share their experience in the U/S. higher education system.
WHEN: NOW! is the time to express interest in participating so that the shipment of recruitment materials from your alma mater can be arranged in time for the fair itself. The deadline for signing up is March 15 to allow for shipping time.
WHERE: Donetsk (Venue TBD) and Ivano Frankivsk (Venue TBD)
WHY: Why not?
Participating in the alumni fair will take only a few hours of your time, but you will accomplish a lot. You will not only will you help support the education outreach goals of the U.S. Embassy and
EducationUSA, you'll also get to meet a lot of bright, eager young Ukrainians. (You don't need to be an expert on your university--just a willing cheerleader! Also, you don't need to prepare any materials, since we will request them on your behalf.)
HOW: Take 5 minutes to complete this online survey as soon as possible--before March 15. We will use the details you provide to plan logistics and solicit materials from your school in the U.S. and we need to leave time for shipping.
Feel free to be in touch with us with questions about this opportunity.
To learn more about the services provided by the EAC, visit

English Teen Club with FLEX alumna

On the 13th of March the English Teen Club was led by Dasha B. (FLEX alumna'12). At the beginning of this meeting the members of the club reviewed all the tenses, they had learnt before. That was a good surprise to hear all the tasks having been done correctly. A perfect presentation on a new grammar topic "Present Perfect Tense" continued communication, where the usage of the tense was explained. After that a leader of this activity suggested to do some tasks in order to memorize the new material better.The end of the club was really amusing. Everybody was given a song worksheet, where the participants had to fill in the gaps with the missing words after having listened to a very beautiful song "I haven't found, what I am looking for" by U2. Satisfied and in a high spirit, attendees left the Center WOA in hope to use this knowledge in practice abroad. Waiting for you next Wednesday @ 4 pm. Be a part of us.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

English Teen Club

The leader of this activity, FLEX alumna, Dasha B. proposed participants of the Club's meeting to speak more on a correct pronunciation. To be accurate, to train your own pronunciation and feel free in communication. All the members of the Club had an opportunity to practice their pronunciation again and learn some new rules. A couple of videos regarding the clear pronunciation of some difficult words encourage attendees to be brave in their practice. Some tips how to sound more American were given to those who were interested in it. Hopefully, at this lesson everybody got some useful pieces of advice that could help sound more fluent in English everywhere you'd like to travel.
The next meeting is held on 13, March, @ 4 pm. Welcome.

International Women of Courage Awards

Friday, March 8, 2013
15:00 EST (20:00 UTC)

Description: In honor of International Women’s Day, the U.S. Department of State will host the International Women of Courage Awards, honoring remarkable women from around the world. These women have shown exceptional bravery and leadership in advocating for women’s rights and empowerment, often at great personal risk. Their stories represent just a few of the emerging leaders found in every corner of the world. Watch a video webcast of the awards ceremony, featuring remarks by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman. Tune in and engage with a global online audience about International Women’s Day!
Format: This program will be an interactive video webcast in English. Please click on the URL above to participate. Follow the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #IWOC.

CO.NX. Upcoming Program

Creative Funding Solutions for Startups: Crowdfunding
Thursday, March 7, 2013
10:00 EST (15:00 UTC)

Description: Attention entrepreneurs! Do you know what crowdfunding is, or how to leverage it to support your startup business venture? For creative tips and tools for funding startups, join Jessica Jackley, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Kiva, a non-profit working to alleviate poverty through lending to microfinance institutions; Sherwood (Woodie) Neiss, co-founder of Crowdfund Capital Advisors (CCA) and co-author of Crowdfund Investing for Dummies; and webchat moderator Shelly Porges, Senior Advisor for the U.S. Department of State’s Global Entrepreneurship Program!
Format: This program will be a video webchat in English. Please click on the URL above to participate. Follow the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #crowdfunding and mentioning @CONX.

Скористайтесь доступом до електронних повнотекстових баз даних

Monday, March 4, 2013

Fulbright Graduate Student Program Webinars

Шановні користувачі!

Інформуємо Вас про те, що 6 та 20 березня 2013 року о 17:00 відбудуться вебінари/семінари для студентів старших курсів та випускників вищих навчальних закладів – претендентів на участь у Fulbright Graduate Student Program.

Мова йтиме про умови участі у конкурсі на здобуття фулбрайтівських стипендій для навчання в університетах США; вимоги до конкурсантів й критерії їх відбору; умови гранту; підбір американських університетів й відповідних магістерських програм для фіналістів.

Для реєстрації на вебінар/семінар потрібно заповнити реєстраційну форму або зателефонувати за номером (044)287 0777 не пізніше, ніж за день до дати його проведення.

Особам, які зареєструвались, на електронну адресу надійде повідомлення з посиланням, що дозволить брати участь у вебінарі. Необхідною умовою участі у вебінарі є наявність швидкісного Інтернету, навушників та мікрофону. Учасники вебінару зможуть переглядати презентацію на екрані комп’ютера, слухати коментарі представників офісу та ставити запитання.

Місце проведення: Офіс Програми імені Фулбрайта, вул. Еспланадна, 20, 9-й поверх, кiмн. 904, Київ.

Discovering American Women's History Online

From the MARCH 2013 edition of the SCOUT REPORT: list of websites dealing with Women's History Month as well as Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans for Women's History.
Discovering American Women's History Online

Based at Middle Tennessee State University, this valuable database gives interested parties access to digital collections of primary sources (photos, letters, diaries, and so on) that document the history of women in the United States. Visitors can browse the database by subject, place, time period, or primary source type. There are many fascinating resources and links here, including letters from Abigail Franks to her son from the 1730s and 1740s and Katrina Thomas' wonderfully evocative photographs of various ethnic weddings. Even a close appraisal of items listed by primary source is delightful, as the headings here include everything from broadsides to buttons to trade cards. One particularly noteworthy collection contains the papers of the late Irene Kuhn, who was a global traveler, journalist, and social commentator.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Зустріч з Катериною Жупановою

 Зустріч з Катериною Жупановою пройшла на дуже позитивній ноті. Спочатку Катерина представилась, розповіла, чим займається, а також про своє проживання у Штатах. На прикладі свого приймаючого батька, котрий був паралізований кілька років, Катерина переконала усіх, що усе можливо, якщо мати силу волі та мрію. Усі вважали, що чооловік залишеться прикутим до ліжка. Проте все вийшло інакше. Наприкінці зустрічі усі учасники поділились власними життєвими історіями, розповіли, що їх турбує на даний момент. Неочікуваним було те, що кожен відкрився та говорив так, ніби перебував у колі найближчих друзів. Заключним моментом був перегляд мотиваційної промови від Павла Шеремети (президента Київської школи економіки).