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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

English Club 4 Beginners – July 19, 2011

Introduction Questions
Which do you prefer: visiting a dance club or a quiet coffee shop?

- I prefer…
Which of these is the most interesting vacation for you: camping in the mountains, visiting a big city, or going to the sea/ocean?
- For me, the least interesting is…

Interview Questions

1. In your opinion, what is the most beautiful city in Ukraine?

- In my opinion…. is the most beautiful city in Ukraine because…. 
2. Besides Ukraine, what country do you think is the most beautiful in the world? 
- I think that…. is the most beautiful country in the world because… 
3. Have you flown in an airplane before? Are you scared of flying? 

Comparison Game: 

Our Schedule
Wednesday, July 20 – 17.30 Matt M.
Thursday, July 21 – Resume Writing Seminar (Maggie)
Saturday, July 23 – 10.30 Matt M.
Tuesday, July 26 – 17.45 Matt M. (Beginner and Intermediate) 

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