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Saturday, July 23, 2011

English Club – July 23, 2011 - Home

Tell About… 
The Best Teacher you ever had… how did they inspire and teach you?
The Worst Teacher you ever had… why were they so bad?

Discussion Topic: Home
1.Have you lived in your house or apartment for a long time? Do you like to change your living place very often or not?
2.If you had to move to another city besides Vinnytsia, would it be difficult for you? Other than the people, what would you miss most about this city?

3.When you move to a new place, how long does it take before it becomes your “home”? What should happen so that you can call this place home?
4.If you could relocate your work or studies to any other city for one year, where would you like to spend this time?
5.Would you like to live in a small community (such as a village) where there are very few people? Why or why not?
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Thursday, July 28 – 1730 –Library
Saturday, July 30 – 1030 Library

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