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Friday, November 18, 2011

Practical Jokes, Pranks, and Humor

Fun Fact of the Day: "The State of Florida is bigger than the country of England!" (
"Laughter is contagious" - Do you agree?
1. What is humor? How important is to have a good sense of humor? How is humor manifested (or shown) in our daily life? How does humor build realtionships with others?
2. Do you like to tell jokes? How can jokes be helpful? Do you appreciate when others tell jokes or make light of potentially difficult or awkward situations?
3. What is the difference between a joke and a "practical" joke? Practical jokes are physical. They often involve tricks that may lead to embarrassment or discomfort. Do you find practical jokes amusing or out of line?
4. Pranks are practical jokes meant to physically single out a person or a group. Do you think pranks are funny? Can they be harmful?
5. Have you ever pulled a prank or practical joke on someone? How did they react? Has anyone ever pulled a particularly funny practical joke or prank on you? 
6. Which is better in your opinion, verbal humor and joke telling or practical jokes and pranks? How do they affect us differently?

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