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Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Discussion on 'Gifts and Presents' with Olha P.

  May 22, 2014
on ‘Gifts and Presents’
Leader: Olha P.
Ice-Breaker: Name the country to the following city:
  1. Washington, D.C. (the USA). 
  2. Naples (Italy).
  3. Liverpool (England).
  4. Sydney (Australia).
  5. Glasgow (Scotland).
  6. Hamburg (Germany).
  7. Amsterdam (the Netherlands).
  8. Birmingham (England).
  9. Dublin (Ireland).
  10. Dallas (the USA).
  11. Melbourne (Australia).
  12. Brisbane (Australia).
  13. Toronto (Canada).
  14. Ankara (Turkey).
  15. Milan (Italy).
  16. Belfast (Northern Ireland).
  17. Montreal (Canada).
  18. Cherkassy (Ukraine). 

1. What does the word ‘present’ mean? What are obligatory characteristics of a present? What is the best gift on your mind? How could presents be classified? How do they differ as those aimed for relatives, friends, acquaintances, etc.? Are there any universal presents? How do presents differ depending on a person’s sex or age (who gives and that who gets)?

2. What do you feel when giving and getting presents? What do you prefer? Is giving presents your own will or obligation? Have you ever given presents to a person you hardly know? Is it easier to find a proper gift for a stranger or someone you deal with every day?
3. Do you need special occasions necessary for giving presents? What are your statements or criteria for giving presents? Should flowers be given on every occasion? Do you prefer to present flowers to women or men too? Is it offensive for a man to get flowers? How do men react in your country and abroad?

4. Do you know any rules on giving presents? Are there any superstitions connected with it in your country or abroad? What things are unacceptable for proper presents? What presents are considered to be offensive? What is the best / the worth / the most expensive / the most confusing present you’ve ever got? Why?
5. How should a present be given? Do you prefer packed or unpacked presents? How do you express your opinion about just received gift? Are there any rules or ideas? Should a gift be unpacked immediately after getting? Do you like to do it in public? What to do with the present you don’t like? Have you ever got such presents? What have you done with them?
6. What do you think about giving presents to bosses by subordinates, to teachers by students, to adults by children, to the rich by the poor (and otherwise)? Have you ever experienced these situations? What is your opinion on it? Should you give presents back when argue with somebody? Why? Why not? Have you ever given your present back? 
Schedule: Saturday, May 24, 2014, 10.30 am – Daphnee G. and Ursula B. (The last meeting with EU Volunteers, you are invited).

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