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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The English Club for Beginners on McDonaldization

A Discussion on 'McDonaldization'
1. Ray Kroc, the genius of McDonald’s restaurants, was a man with big ideas and grand ambitions.
2. But even Kroc could not have anticipated the astounding impact of his creation.
3. McDonaldization affects not only the restaurant business but also education, work, health care, travel, leisure, dieting, politics, the family, and virtually every other aspect of society.
4. It shows the principles of the fast-food industry.
5. Other nations have developed their own variants of this American institution.
6. Paris has a large number of fast-food restaurants; the revered French bread has also been McDonaldized.
7. India has a chain of fast-food restaurants which sell mutton burgers (about 80 % of Indians are Hindus, who eat no beef) as well as local Indian cuisine.
8. ‘Mos Burgers’ is a Japanese chain with over 15 hundred restaurants that sell chicken burgers, rice burgers, and “Oshiruko with brown rice cake’. Russian Bistro, a Russian chain, sells traditional Russian fare such as pirogi (meat and vegetable pies), blini (thin pancakes), Cossack apricot curd tart, and, of course, vodka. 
9. McDonald’s is such a powerful model that many businesses have acquired nicknames beginning with Mc. Examples include “McDentists” and “McDoctors”, meaning drive-in clinics designed to deal quickly and efficiently with minor dental and medical problems.

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