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Friday, October 2, 2015

American Journalist with Ukrainian Roots at Window on America Center

A meeting with a unique person is a like a gulp of fresh air
We all need a bit of risk in our lives. It makes us feel alive and allows us to enjoy things more. The acceptance of risk and the passion for life make people choose risky jobs. It’s not nearly as boring an existence when risk always keeps you on your toes, plus the adrenaline rush. 
Our guest Bill Rempel, the famous American journalist, shared a lot about his risky job in Investigative Journalism. Bill Rempel is a veteran investigative reporter and editor who specializes in foreign and national projects. During a 36-year career at the Los Angeles Times, he produced groundbreaking reports on subjects ranging from oil tanker safety prior to the Exxon Valdez disaster to the menace of Al Qaeda. 
Bill is not only the independent journalist but also the author of some books. He is writing his next book where he tells us a new investigative story about the Armenian. 
The participants of this activity asked a lot about safety of this job, freedom of speech in the US, Bill’s career and his skills in writing articles, etc. 
The meeting with a unique person is a like a sharp intake of breath. Thanks for this chance.

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