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Saturday, August 10, 2013

English Club on 'Travelling in Ukraine, Ukraine Tours, Tourism in Ukraine'

10 August, 2013
Travelling in Ukraine, Ukraine Tours, Tourism in Ukraine
Leader: Ihor S.
1. Why do people like to travel and what are the most popular destinations for the Ukrainians? At what time of the year is it better to travel? When and where do you personally like to travel and why? Do you choose traditional places for your trips for pleasure / the Ukrainian places of interest or exotic countries? Have you ever been to the Crimea or the Carpathians Mountains? What places can you propose to visit for your foreign guest or Peace Corps Volunteers who are new comers in Ukraine?

2. Do you prefer to travel alone or with your family / friends? Do you like to take kids with you? Would it be better to leave them at home with their grandparents? 

If you plan your travelling with children do you need to have a visa? What Travel Agencies do you like to use while planning your trips? 

3. What means of transportation do you use while traveling? Do you think about a financial factor, comfort or anything else while choosing your summer or winter rest?

4. Do you surf in Internet while planning your trips searching info about the place where you are eager to go? Do you make a list of places sightseeing worth to visit? Do you like to have excursions there or prefer to be a pioneer and do all the explorations by yourself?

5. Do you stay in hotels, hostels or at your friends? Do you plan your trip as a short one taking your return tickets to come back home in the evening?

6. How often do you like to travel? Do like to take pictures while traveling and post pics and stories in social networks or your own blog? Do you have any chance to share your experience with your friends?

Schedule: Thursday, 15 August 2013 – Alex Erwick – Living a Happy Life!

                 Saturday, 17 August 2013 - Michael Dixon – Debate! 

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