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Thursday, July 2, 2015


A Discussion on "LGBT" with Pasha M.


1. What is sexual orientation? What is gender identity?
2. What does LGBT mean? Have LBGT people always existed?
3. Do you know any LBGT celebrity? Do you know anyone in person who belongs to LBGT community?
4. Is it possible to change a person's sexual orientation and gender identity?
5. What are homophobia and transphobia?
6. Is there any reason to criminalize homosexuality?
7. What kind of human rights violations are LBGT people exposed to?
8. Are LBGT people dangerous to minors?
9. Are there LBGT people only in Western countries?
10. Where is homosexuality prosecuted? Why?
11. Can depriving LBGT people of their human rights be justified on grounds of religion, culture or tradition?
12. Should LBGT people be allowed to get married officially?
13. Should LBGT people be allowed to adopt children?

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