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Friday, July 17, 2015

A Discussion on "Rural Green Tourism" with Mykhailo G.

English Club
July 16, 2015
Leader: Mykhailo G.
Topic: Rural Green Tourism
Quotes: «It was at countryside, but not in the city, where a person could reveal new sense of existence: simplicity, integrity, honesty of everyday life, rootedness into authentic ground». «Going to the city for money, and to the countryside – for wisdom» /Panteleimon Kulish/.

Do you have much free time? Is your leisure time diverse? How often do you change and enrich your leisure time activities?

1. What reasons or conditions can seduce or attract you to live in a village? What reasons restrain you from moving to the villages? Is it possible to live only in the urban area and spend there all of your free time and vacations?

2. Forests are our green lungs. Let's investigate attractiveness of two forest areas!

3. What is a green tourism? Is a green tourism a good alternative for people who want to live in a town and are keen of nature and rural customs?

4. Do you know any attractive green tourist objects in our region that deserve attention of our clubbers? Do you know any new trends in a green tourism sphere? What can you suggest on ways of spending your free time in a rural area productively?

5. What do you know about such celebrations as Ethnic Arts Festivals? Is folklore a main festival activity? Do you enjoy this free event with crafts activitites, live music, dancing, spoken word perforances, etc.?
6. What is the meaning of the following statement «Going back to the origins»? Why do many people in Ukraine try to preserve folk customs and crafts of ancestors? What rural traditions or customs are your favorite ones?
7. Do you know the meaning of the word «toloka»? Have you ever participated in it or practiced it? Is it possible to revive this custom nowadays? Do your rural relatives celebrate the end of the harvest season and St John's Eve (Ivana Kupala)?
Schedule: July 18, 2015 at 10.30 am – Ihor Strelkov - “Good Parents”.

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