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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Reminder: a Discussion on "Good Parenting"

Hi, everyone.
In an hour you will have a chance to discuss the following questions. The leader is Ihor S.

Topic: Parents of a Different Skin Colour, and More…
Introduction: What does it take to become good parents? A single parent family, is it enough for a child? Do we all need to have a family with children and why?

1. At what age is it better to create a family in Ukraine? Is it easy to create a family for people when they are of a different skin colour, natives of different cultures and countries? How are the kids of our society going to react on children if they are black or have no white skin? What preconditions will be good to fulfill before creating a family? 
2. How many kids would it be OK to have in our Ukrainian families taking into account the level of our living standards comparing them with other European countries? Who is more responsible in a family for bringing up a child: a man or a woman?
3. If a man wants to have one child and a woman wants to have more, can they find a compromise in this situation? Who likes to stay at home more, a man or a woman, and why is it so?
4. For whom is a career more important, a man or a woman? Who is going to suffer more from a job loss or failing in business? Why? Why not?
5. What are main reasons for a divorce? When a divorce occurs, with whom will a kid or kids stay? Who is usually a leader in a divorce process? How can the situation be improved in order to avoid such a situation?
6. Is it a psychological trauma for a child if parents decide to split apart or would it be better for the child’s future? Do you agree with a saying that: “It would be better to live alone than to live just with anybody because of a fear to stay alone till the end of your life”?
7. What do you think about couples when they decide to live together and not to have kids? (It is a so called child-free family). Do you think that these people will be always happy, as youth goes away and it can be a lonely aging later?
Schedule: July 23, 2015 – 5.30 pm – Angela B. – ‘Habits that Destroy our Relationships’
July 25, 2015 – 10.30 am – Andriy S. – ‘Safety in Social Networks’
Waiting for your suggestions on August topics and leaders!

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