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Monday, June 4, 2012

English Club on Truth and Lies

 Fun Fact of the Day: "Andrew Jackson was the only US President to believe that the world is flat" (
1. Define "truth". What does this world really mean to you? How does truthfulness affect us on a daily basis?  
2. How do you define a "truthful" person? can anyone really tell the truth all the time? Can you tell if someone is being truthful instead of lying? Can you ever fully trust another person? 

3. What problems can you face when you are not truthful? What is the difference between a "half truth", a "whole truth", and a "misleading truth"? Are there any professions associated with these different kinds of truths? What do you think are the most truthful and most dishonest professions?
4. Do you always appreciate people being honest with you, despite its potential consequences and possible personal offenses? How does honesty affect different areas of our lives?
5. Are there any situations where a "partial truth" is okay? What is the difference between a partial truth and a "white lie"? Do you ever tell white lies to protect other people from learning the truth in a given situation? How would this help?
6. How are white lies different from lying in general? Are there any situations or circumstances you can think of where full-blown lying is good? What problems can result from this dishonesty?
If time, 2 truths and a lie game...
Thursday, 07 June at 5:30 pm - Maryna Lysun, a Fulbright alumnus
Saturday, 09 June at 10:30 am 

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