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Saturday, June 9, 2012

English Club with Mila on Comfort Zone vs. Taking Risks

Topic: Comfort Zone vs. Taking Risks
Fun Fact of the Day: “The tallest mountain in the world is located in the U.S., ‘Mauna Kea,’ in Hawaii. It is only 13,796 ft (4205 m) in altitude above sea level; however, when measured from the seafloor it is over 32,000 ft (10,000 m) high, making it taller than ‘Mount Everest,’ Earth's tallest mountain above sea level at 29,028 ft or 8848 m” (
1. What is the definition of a “comfort zone”? When do you feel the most comfortable? Do you tend to choose activities and maintain jobs that fall into your comfort zone? Do you make friends that you consider as a part of your comfort zone? Do you have a relatively narrow or large comfort zone?
2. Have you ever been outside of your comfort zone? If so, what did you do and how did you feel? Were you intimidated or scared? Did you want to return to things or people that make you feel more comfortable?
3. Do you think there is a good balance between sticking to your comfort zone and exploring new territory? How likely are you to try something new? Is it important to try new things and “expand your horizons”?
4. Would you consider yourself a risk-taker? Do you think it’s ever appropriate to take risks instead of playing it safe? How far beyond your comfort zone would you start to consider activities risky or unsafe?
5. Is there one special risk you would be willing to take in your life? Would you complete this endeavor by yourself or would you like company while taking this risk? Do you think you can be riskier on your own as opposed to when other people are involved? 
6. How often are we confronted with risks in our lives? Do we tend to bring risky behavior upon ourselves or do other people present risks to us? How can we try to mitigate unforeseen risks?
Thursday, 14 of June at 5:30
Saturday, 16 of June at 10:30

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