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Saturday, June 23, 2012

English Club with Matt on Outdoor Activities

Questions with Partners

· What was the most interesting or inspirational book you have ever read? Do you like to read books? How much time do you spend reading each week?
· Which country from the remaining teams at Euro 2012 (Portugal, Germany, Spain, France, England, Italy) would you most like to visit? Why?
Discussion Topic: Outdoor Activities 
1. Do you like working in the garden? Do you enjoy this kind of work, or is it boring for you?
2. What do you think about hunting and fishing? Would you want to take part in a hunting trip?
3. Would backpacking make a good vacation for you? Are you comfortable sleeping in a tent and carrying your things?
4. Do you like lying on the beach? Do you enjoy this kind of vacation or is it boring for you?
5. What kind of outdoor hobby or adventure would you like to try that you have never tried before?
Group Contest
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Saturday, June 30 – 10-30
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