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Thursday, July 19, 2012

English Club on 'Alternative Medicine and Healing' with Maggie

Topic: Alternative Medicine and Healing 
Leader: Maggie 
Fun Fact of the Day: According to the National Institute of Health, 38% of people in the U.S. use complimentary and alternative medicine and treatment methods. 
More doctors are recommending alternative medical techniques to patients for chronic pain. Recent surveys in the United States demonstrated that alternative medical techniques were important for personal healthcare and maintaining well being. Also, there is evidence that one or more alternative medical techniques can help patients with: cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, neck pain, Tourette syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and many more. Let's discuss this topic with us today:
What are alternative medical techniques? 
Alternative medical techniques most commonly are outside of conventional medical care. In other words, they promote wholistic healing for pain management. Wholistic healing involves treating the whole person, body, emotions, mind, relationships, and spirit. Alternative medical techniques include: 
* Acupuncture 
* Massage 
* Reflexology 
* Craniosacral therapy 
* Mind/body techniques 
* Guided imagery 
* Acupressure 
* Yoga 
* Meditation 
* Prayer 
* Thermal treatments 
* Chiropractic approach 
* And others 
1. What is CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine)? Have you heard of any of the following alternate methods: reflexology, tapping/EFT, reiki, aromatherapy, laughter yoga, and the use of herbs? How is CAM related to western allopathic medicine? 
2. What do you know about the Chinese system of healing, and the following elements: yin-cold, yang-heat, acupuncture, and chakras? What do you know about he Japanese system of healing called reiki (ki through palms)? Do you know anything about ayurveda, India’s system of healing that uses the 5 elements: air, earth, water, fire, and wind? 
3. Tapping/EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a research-based method to neutralize negative emotions as well as lessen pain states. What is a problem, pain or emotional upset? How could tapping help alleviate pain? How is tapping a research-based method? 
* Rate your pain from 1-10 (10 being the worst). Proceed to tapping. Points to use: karate, top of head, eyebrow, side of eye, under eye, under nose, under lip, collarbone, spleen (4 inches below armpit), liver, wrist. Repeat 3 times. 
4. Reflexology therapy applies pressure to the feet, hands or ears, zones that relate to every part, organ, or gland. Such pressure relieves tension and allows the body to do its work of healing. 
* Massage all points of foot, hand, or ear: how do you feel when massaging these points? 
5. Have you heard of HeartMath? The Institute of HeartMath discusses the relationship between the heart, the brain, and our emotions. 
* Try it: breathe in and out slowly through your nose then heart area, concentrate on the best time of your left or being thankful for what you have, think of a person you love or anything with great appreciation. 
6. What alternatives do you use in Ukraine? What would you like to see or experience? Which of these methods would you like to try on your own? Are you interested in alternate medicine?
Saturday, 21 July at 10:30
Thursday, 26 July at 5:30 
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