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Monday, July 16, 2012

Vinnytsia English Club on "How Active Are You?"

A busy and active life between work or school, family, sports, hobby and other activities is not that easy to lead. Tiredness could hit you and you could lose your energy. If tiredness persists, a change in your habits and routine is probably what you need to turn things around. A change in what you eat, how you move and do things and how you sleep may be all you need to fight tiredness and gain energy to power you through the day. Let's discuss this topic together:
List (1-8) which Ukrainian destination would you like to visit this summer:
Trip to Odessa      Crimean Beach Vacation     Climb Mt. Hoverla
Catamaran Trip on the Buh      Weekend in Lviv      Trip to the Sea of Azov
Camping in the Carpathians   Visit to Uman
Discussion Topic: How Active Are You?
1. What was the most physically difficult thing you have ever accomplished?
2. How active are you during your working day? How much time do you spend sitting down each day?
3. Do you like to do something active after your working day? Are you too tired after work to have fun with your friends?
4. Do you have a good energy level? What do you do when you are feeling tired and need some energy?
5. Do you have more or less energy now compared to when you were younger?
Group Contest: What Language Do They Speak?
Schedule: Thursday, July 19 - 17:30
                 Saturday, July 21 - 10:30.

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