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Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Discussion on 'Words'. Are Women Really Better at Language?

It was a great discussion on 'Words' with Natalia M. We spoke about words, their origin and meanings. We spelled tongue twisters and сalled to our mind interesting stories about word usage, discussed women's abilities to speak and other questions: Remember the situation when 1 word greatly changed your mood? Life circle of a word (birth, become popular, change meaning, die). Have you ever invented a word? What very interesting word have you heard? What is the relation between thoughts and words? What appears first: a word or a thought? How do children understand their parents not knowing a word? Do we need to say a lot of words to be understood? Can we change reality just changing the words we use? What do you need to do to make words our friends? Are there good or bad words? Why/ Why not? Are there words more important than others? What do you want to hear from your beloved?

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