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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Topic: Travelling
1.  Do you like to travel? Where was the most interesting place you have ever visited?
2. Where would you like to travel to most of all? Where would you go if you had lots of money?
3. Which is better for you... to travel by camping in a tent, or to stay in a very nice 4-star hotel?
Interview Your Neighbor
  • Have you ever taken a very long train ride? How long was it? Where did you go?
  • Would you like to learn how to fly a plane? Would you be scared to be a pilot?
  • Have you tried any extreme sports? Which extreme sport do you want to try?
  • For you, which is the most comfortable type of transportation (bus, tram, trolley-bus, marshrutka) in our city?
  • Mimic Game
  • Games - Hot Potato
How to Play the Hot Potato Game
Like the children's game Simon Says, Hot Potato is a great learning game that can be exciting and fun. This simple game, using just one prop with no moving parts, teaches imagination, reflex action, listening skills and how to follow directions.
How to Play Hot Potato
1. Gather players in a circle, standing or sitting cross-legged. Explain the rules and make sure everyone understands, especially if you are playing with very young children. Players need be ready for a quick toss, so it helps to be prepared.
2. Ask young players to name some things that are hot. Hand someone the potato, encouraging him or her to pretend that it is HOT and to catch and throw it as quickly as they can.
3. Call, Go! and play some music on an instrument or recording device that can be paused easily. Game players begin to toss the potato around the circle, to the player next to them.
4. Stop the music! At this point, whichever player is holding the potato is "out." Throwing it after the music stops does not count.
5. Continue starting and stopping the music until all but two are "out." Last player to NOT be holding the potato when the music stops wins.
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