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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Strength in Weakness???

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: How do you understand this proverb? Can you think of some examples when you miss something when it is gone, but don't enjoy it so much when you have it?
All Publicity is Good Publicity: Do you believe that all publicity is good publicity?
Do you believe in self-promotion at work or at the university?

Discussion Topic: Strength in Weakness???
1.How do you understand the idea of a person's strength being found in their weakness? Can you think of any examples of this?
2.Last time we discussed Shakespeare's quote, “Family, thy name is Woman”. Do you think that woman have an ability to use their weakness as strengths? Do men also have such an ability?
3.Do you think that strong women are attractive to men? Do you think that weaker women are more attractive to men than strong women? Why?
4.Many psychologists say that women prefer men who are strong (both physically and in character). Can it ever be attractive for a man to be weak?
5.In general, do you think that people should be very self-confident? What does it mean to be self-confident for you?
6.Can a person be both humble and self-confident?

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