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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Fun Fact of the Day: The largest city in the U.S. is Juneau, Alaska. At 3,000 square mi, it is bigger than the entire state of Delaware (
1. What do you think of the phrase to "wear your heart on your sleeve"? What does this saying mean to you? Do you "wear your heart on your sleeve"? Why or why not?
* This phrase is said to have originated in the Medieval Era when Knights wore handkerchiefs from the women they loved on their sleeves.
2. Do you think that it is important to hide or show your emotions? Do you think it is a problem if people can tell or guess how you feel? How do hidden feelings affect you? Do you ever find yourself fighting your emotions or do you embrace your feelings and express them?
3. Is there difference in your emotions with friends and family as opposed to at work? Should you always hide your emotions at work, regardless of whether you are frustrated or disappointed with something or is there a proper way to express how you feel?
4. Does displaying emotions, either positive or negative, affect your relationships with others or cause them to change their opinions about you? Do you think that emotions have anything to do with people's perceptions of you at all? Can they cause people to respect you more or less? Are they important in connecting with others or do they get in the way?
5. If you have negative feelings toward someone, whether an acquaintance or a co¬worker, how should you deal with these emotions? Should you ever display your negative feelings or should you always conceal them in public? Is there a good way to express negative feelings in a constructive way? How important are positive thoughts compared to negative ones?
6. Is there such a thing as being too sensitive or too emotional? When does it become a problem to show emotion? Is it possible to take someone's feelings from granted?

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