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Monday, August 29, 2011

Rosetta Stone at Vinnytsia Information Center "Window on America"

My name is Irina Saliy. I started learning English using Rosetta Stone some months ago.  I should say it is my dream to speak this foreign language fluently. I am still working twice a week. When speaking about this program, I like Core Lessons, Reading and Speaking. Writing is still difficult to me and I do some mistakes in it. This activity takes more time to do it. Nowadays I can write simple sentences. Reading helps me make my language rich turning my emotions and thoughts into a written text on a white sheet of paper. I really enjoy this idea I could express my thoughts in English. It presents me a chance to speak this language with my friends. Of course, I realize that it will take some time to be perfect in it. I am sure it will be. Yes, I can say that Rosetta Stone is a gorgeous foundation in all the weathers.  And not only … It seems to me it helps other users be advanced and follow this way of learning a foreign language. 
Now I could say that Rosetta Stone is a perfect educational program. Use your chance and start learning English free of charge. Only find Information Center “Window on America” in our city and ask Rosetta Stone. Perhaps, your dream will also come true as my one has done.
I am very thankful that once I was proposed by workers of Information Center “Window on America” to have this unique opportunity in my life.

Photo: Iryna Saliy (left) with a representative of U.S. Embassy in Ukraine Natalia Yasko, a Deputy of a Head of Vinnytsia Regional Research Public Library named after K.A. Timiriazev Halyna Slotyuk and a staff of Information Center "Window on America" .

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  1. My name is David Slotyuk and my mom's name is...Halina.. . .. =))) cool!