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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Exchange Programs

Fun Fact of the Day: Which state has "the longest coastline in the U.S., 6,640 miles, greater than that of all other states combined"? Alaska (
September 1, 2011 became a new starting point in learning of foreign languages for some Vinnytsia English Speaking Club’s participants. This meeting started with an interactive discussion on some facts on the USA: Which states has “the longest coastline in the U.S., 6,640 miles, greater than that of all other states combined”? (Alaska:
This time one of the leaders Ihor Strelkov proposed a special topic for a general discussion having a rich experience in it.  Members of the Club discussed how it was important in their life to have a cultural exchange. Most of them had an opportunity to study in the USA at various universities and colleges. It was really worth to listen to them about this positive experience.
 Everybody expressed the same thoughts that it helped broaden education taking into consideration positives and negatives which could exist for studying abroad.
The most controversial among all the questions were the following ones: Are systems of education different when studying in a foreign country? How would these differences affect you while studying abroad? How does daily life differ when living abroad? What day-to-day activities may be more challenging while living in a foreign country? Do all students have a right to work while in school? Do you think it is important to work and study at the same time? Did you /will you have a job while going to school? How did/ will this affect your studies?  
The leader of this activity finished it expressing his ideas how foreign education helped people work for foreign companies and how it helped get a good job after graduation.
Schedule: Saturday, 03 September at 10:30
                 Thursday, 08 September at 5:30   

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