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Friday, September 30, 2011

Pop Quiz "How Well Do You Know Agatha Christie?"

The birthday of the 'queen of crime' is celebrated by her fans every September. Take our quiz to find out whether you've really got to the bottom of her books
1. Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple are Agatha Christie's most famous de­tectives, but she also created a host of other mystery solvers. Which of the fol­lowing is NOT a Christie detective?
* Tuppence Beresford
* Roger Ackroyd
* Harley Quin
* Parker Pyne
2. How many murders did Miss Marple solve?
- 3
- 47
- 36
- 102
3. And how many cups of tea did she drink over the 12 novels and 20 short stories in which she appears?
• 143
• 740
4. Which Guinness world record does Christie hold? 
- Oldest novelist to have had a book published
- Most murders in her novels
- World's bestselling novelist
- Novelist most frequently adapted for TV
5. Under what name did Christie write general fiction?
- Mary Wesley
- Mary Westmacott
- LC Fisher
- Georgina McCullagh
6. What happened to Christie in December 1926?
She met a suave moustachioed Belgian detective who inspired the character of Hercule Poirot
She disappeared for 11 days
She was acclaimed by the press for solving a real-life murder in her local village
She first set pen to paper
7. What was Christie's first novel?
The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Death on the Nile
Murder for Christmas
The Seven Dials Mystery
8. Agatha Christies job during the first world war gave her knowledge that would later feed into her murder mysteries. What was the job, and what was the knowledge?
As a servant in a stately home, teaching her about the life of the up­per classes
As a policewoman, giving her an insight into the way detectives work
As a nurse, giving her a working knowledge of poisons
As a sniper, teaching her about guns
9. How did Christie describe Hercule Poirot, when explaining why he wouldn't have liked Miss Marple?
As "a complete egoist"
As "a silly little man"
As "the embodiment of all my desires"
As "a fussy Belgian twerp"
10. Christie's play The Mousetra is the longest-running in history - how long has it been going for?
•80 years 
• 42 years
•57 years
• 25 years
11. And what is its plot?  
- The passengers on a train conspire to kill a fellow passenger
- A serial killer is on the loose in a small Devon village
- A murder occurs in a hotel whc the guests are trapped by snow
- After a murder at a butler's cc vention, everyone is a suspect
1. Roger Ackroyd
4.World's bestselling novelist
5.Mary Westmacott
6.She disappeared for 11 days
7.The Mysterious Affair at Styl
8.As a nurse, giving her a work knowledge of poisons
9.As "a complete egoist"
10.57 years
11.A murder occurs in a hotel wl the guests are trapped by snc
From "Guardian"

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