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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

English Club On "Modern Technology"

Topic: Modern Technology
1. What do you think about the Internet - is a good or a bad invention? Do social networks substitute personal communication? Is it possible to have a real friend without meeting him or her in person but by communicating only through the Internet?
2. What is th difference between video chatting, such as Skype, and personal communication? Is there a difference, in your opinion? Is something lost in communication online or would you consider these interactions equal to face-to-face relationships?
3. How dependent are you on your mobile phone? can you imagine your life without this gadget? Why or what not? What price do we pay for using mobile phones?
4. Recently, there have been discussions abroad to exclude penmanship (writing) lessons and to replace them with typing courses. If these discussions were put into effect, how would the lack of writing classes affect the next generation? Would writing potentially become unimportant or irrelevant?
5. Try to imagine life in 20, 50 and 100 years. Which aspects of life do you think will be the most altered by technical progress in the future? Could these changes be dangerous for future generations? Can potentially dangerous consequences of technical progress be controlled?
6.When you think of the future, do you see progress in high technology or retreat to relationships with natural features and the environment? Could such technical progress and a harmony with the surrounding world go together?
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