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Friday, August 31, 2012

English Club on Discrimination and Prejudice

Thursday, 30 August 
Topic: Discrimination and Prejudice 
Fun Fact of the Day: What is the largest city by area in the U.S.? Sitka, Alaska. “The four largest cities by area are in Alaska and the fifth largest is Jacksonville, FL. Surprisingly, Los Angeles comes in at No. 15 and New York City at No. 34” ( 
1. What is discrimination and how is it related to prejudice? Have you ever been discriminated against? If so, why? Discrimination often is associated with people conceived as “outsiders” and “others.” How accepting do you think Ukraine is of foreigners, for example? Have you ever been discriminated against as a foreigner? 
2. What is ageism? Have you ever seen any examples of ageism? What stereotypes are associated with this prejudice? Are younger generations and older ones considered “better or worse” at certain activities and jobs than others? 
3. What is sexism? How is it related to stereotypical gender divisions? What do you think society considers “traditional” women and men’s roles? Do you see these divisions as sexist? What other social conceptions might be sexist? Do you think that expectations about work, manners, and clothes (such as high heels being “attractive” for women and men being the “breadwinners”) are sexist? 
4. What is homophobia? Do you know the term “hate crime”? Have you heard of hate crimes happening in the area? What do you think of certain laws potentially banning homosexuality or even TV shows being restricted because of its supposed content? Do you think this is a problem? 
5.What is the difference between racism and ethnic discrimination? How are they related? How do you think different races and ethnic groups are treated here? Where do you think the biggest racial and ethnic conflicts are currently occurring in the world? 
6.What other examples of discrimination can you think of? Do you think religious prejudice is a problem in our society? Do you think that discrimination against individuals with disabilities is a common problem? What are the groups most commonly discriminated against here and why do you think this attitude exists? 
7.Is there a way to end discrimination and prejudice? Do you think that if societies develop more open-minded attitudes or greater acceptance, they will head in the right direction to reduce conflict? How does discrimination affect all of us? What can we all do to make the world, or at least our own communities, a better and safer place? 
Saturday, 01 September at 10:30
Thursday, 06 September at 5:30

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