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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

English Club on Role Models

Fun Fact of the Day: "The Four Comers region is the only point at which 4 states come together." Can anyone name these states? Answer: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah (
1. What is a "role model"? How do role models affect our lives? Is there a specific person, or maybe a group of people, that you admire and try to follow their example? Do you think you need to know the person individually for them to be a true role model? Can family or friends serve as good role models? Can famous individuals?
2. Do you think that it is important to have role models? What personality traits must a . person have to be an "ideal" role model? Does age or social status matter? How could role models change over time? Do you think there could ever be a truly ideal person?
3. Do you consider yourself to be a role model for others? What characteristics do you possess that would make you a good example for others? What traits have you tried to change in yourself based on another person's example? Who do you think you inspire?
4. Can a person be the opposite of a role model, someone that you do not admire and try not to be like? How might somebody's mistakes or drawbacks inspire you to take action and be successful in another way? Have you changed anything about yourself to avoid having characteristics of someone you dislike?
5. How important are role models in forming collective and group goals? Do you think that it is equally important to follow the guidance of a role model rather than to create your own path in life? How important is individuality in striving for your goals and aspirations?
6.What goals do you have for the future? Are they related to ideals you may have formed for your life? Were these goals formed individually or from a role model? How will you go about achieving your biggest goals? Can you ever really rely on others for help or should you strive to fulfill your goals on your own?
Schedule: Don't forget about our Suggestion Box!
Thursday, 09 August at 5:30- let me know if you would like to lead! Saturday, 11 August at 10:30

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