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Thursday, August 9, 2012

English Club with Mila on 'Emotions and Confidence'

Topic: Emotions and Confidence 
Fun Fact of the Day: “Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, the great explorers of the Northwest, gave President Thomas Jefferson two bear cubs. Jefferson kept his new pets on the South Lawn of the White House” ( 
1. What are “emotions”? Are they different from “feelings”? How do emotions and feelings affect us in various aspects of life, such as at work, in school, at home, with friends, etc.? Do you tend to follow your emotions when making decisions? 
2. How doother people change and alter our emotions? Do particular environments affect our emotions, in either a positive or negative way? How can outside factors dictate how we feel? 
3. Is it good or bad to be “emotional”? Do you think that emotions help us in life or hurt us? Is it possible to be “too emotional”? If so, how do you think a person becomes too emotional? Is it a constant state or a transient characteristic? 
4. Do you think that life would be easier without emotions? Instead of being emotional, could being “emotionless” help us in our professions and relationships? Are there certain societies or groups of people that refrain from expressing their emotions, especially in public? Are there groups that are too open with their emotions? 
5. How are emotions related to “confidence”? What is confidence? Do you consider yourself a confident person? How do confident individuals express themselves? Do they openly express their emotions and feelings? 
6. Is confidence a good or bad characteristic? How can one become overly confident, leading toward egoism? As an egoist, are you in tune with your emotions? Are overly confident individuals more emotional or emotionless? 
Schedule: Please place all your topic ideas in the Suggestion Box! 
Saturday, 11 August at 10:30 
Thursday, 16 August at 5:30

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