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Sunday, October 21, 2012

English Club on 'Developing Vinnytsia'

• What was your favorite subject when you studied at school or university? Why do you like this topic so much? 
• Imagine that you had the opportunity to change your work for one year, and that you could work anywhere in the world that you want. Where and what would you do?
Discussion Topic: Developing Vinnytsia
1. What do you think about the idea described in the article? Would you like to visit this place if it were built? Would it be good or bad for Vinnytsia? 
2. Could there be any bad consequences from building such a place? 
3. What do you think should be done with 'festival5 island? 
4. Can you think of any other places that should be improved to make our city a better place? 
5. If the mayor asked for your suggestions for the future of the city, what would you suggest? 
6. Do you think that we have enough parks and greens spaces in our city?
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