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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

English Club on Learning Styles and the Written Word

Fun Fact of the Day: "The United States has 845 motor vehicles for every 1,000 people" (
1. What learning method do you like the most? Are you an "auditory" (listening) learner, a "visual" (reading) learner, or a "tacticle" (feeling) learner? Do you think that it is important to incorporate all of the above to really retain knowledge? How important are listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills for us?
2. Which of these skills do we use in our club? How do they help you improve your English? Are there any methods that you would like to add to our club activities? How are clubs and group settings helpful in sharing  knowledge? How important is "shared" learning to you?
3. Do you teach yourself anything at home? How effective is "self-learning"? Compared to group or "shared" learning, do you think that a person can learn more or less in a private or hom setting?
4. What can zou learn from the "written word", i.e. anything printed? Do you like pleasure reading, for example? Do you find literature inspiring? What are your favourite books or poems and how have they affected you?
5. How often do you consult the modern "mass media" for increasing your knowledge or awareness? What forms of media do you use the most? Do you tend to learn more from watching news programs on TV, for example, or from reading newspaper or Internet aticles. Do you think that the media helps us or can it be too invasive and biased?
6. Do you believe in "freedom of speech"? Do you think that it can ever truly exist? Is it important to allow individuals to express their opinions, even if this greatly offends others? Should there be regulations? Do you think that people sometimes abuse this notion? How does this "freedom" affect learning methods and the quality of the written word?
Sat. 06 October at 10:30, Thu. 11 October at 5:30.

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