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Saturday, October 27, 2012

English Club on "Real Life Heroes"

Topic: Real Life Heroes
Fun Fact of the Day: “According to some estimates, Americans are sitting on $30 billion worth of unredeemed gift cards” ( 
Starter Activity: Instead of regular introductions today, let’s get to know each other a little better!  Every person should tell a story about something from his or her pocket or purse (something sentimental or interesting).  If you do not have anything with you, please talk a little about your favorite possession or hobby.
 1. What is a “hero”?  What does this word mean to you?  How do heroes affect our lives?  Do you think that it’s important to have heroes?  Why or why not?  What is the difference between a “hero” and “superhero”?  Did you have any favorite superheroes growing up?
 2. Do you think that heroes can actually exist?  Are there “real life heroes”?  If so, who is your hero and why?  What characteristics and qualities make this person a hero?  What acts has this person performed that are truly heroic?
 3. What professions do you think can comprise of real life heroes?  Are there any jobs where the individual must be a hero to succeed?  Are these jobs typically dangerous?  Would you like to have such a job?
 4. Do you consider doctors and nurses as heroes?  How can their daily work be considered heroic?  What about scientists?  Teachers?  Lawyers?  Law enforcement personnel or military, etc.?  Is there one profession that you consider the most heroic?  What makes it so?
 5. Some people consider actors and actresses as their “heroes” or idolize them for their work.  Do you agree with this sentiment?  How do actors and actresses, or music artists for that matter, affect our lives?  Which qualities do you have to possess to pursue this work?  Is it easy?  Have you ever been truly touched emotionally by a film or song?

 6. Do you consider yourself a real life hero?  Why or why not?  Do you think you have an overwhelmingly positive or life-changing affect on anyone?  If you could increase your influence on others, would you do so?  How would you help others?  What could you do to become someone’s hero?
 Schedule: Please put topic ideas in the Suggestion Box!
 Thursday, 01 November at 5:30
 Saturday, 03 November at 10:30

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