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Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Discussion on 'Selfishness vs. Selfessness'

Topic: Selfishness vs. Selfessness
Fun Fact of the Day: Which U.S. state is the only one to grow coffee? "Hawaii" (
1. What does the turn "selfishness" mean to you? How does it contrast with 'selflessness"? Do you think that a person can ever be completely selfish or selfless? Do you consider yourself more selifish or selfless? 
2. What factors or circumstances may contribute to a person's selfishness? Is selfishness a bad characteristic or are there benefits to being selfish? can a selfish person also help others?
3. can you be an entirely selfless person or do you think that ulterior motives or personal interest contributes to an individual's desire to help others? What inspires you to be selfless?
4. Are possessions important to you? What is your most valuable possession? What do you think of the saying, "possessions rot, rust, and decay but compassion lasts forever"? Do you feel having possessions or giving things away?/ Do you think it's important to have reciprocal "give and take" relationships with others?
5. Aside from physical possessions, what do you consider as important in your life? Would you rather spend money on physical objects, temporary things (like a good meal or flowers, for example), or would you rather invest for the future?
6. How can combining selfish and selfless qualities help us? Should you favor one quality of the other? Do you think there can be a good balance between taking care of yourself and helping others? How can you find this medium?
26 April t 5:30 - Skype Discussion: American Movie
28 April at 10:30

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