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Saturday, April 28, 2012

English Club's Discussion: 'What trait or characteristic do you admire most in people?'


What event would you most like to attend (Rank 1-8):
- The Olympic Games this summer in London
- The Championship match of Euro 2012
 - A Hollywood Movie premier with your favorite star
 - The Prince’s wedding in London
 - A Championship fight of the Klitschko brothers
 - Easter Church service in Jerusalem
 - A Concert of your favorite Band in the world
 - A lunch and personal interview with your favorite writer of all time
Discussion Topic: 
What trait or characteristic do you admire most in people? Why is this trait important to you? 
What is the trait or characteristic that you can’t stand in other people?
Is there one characteristic that you don’t have that you would like to have?
Do admire people who are brave? Can you think of some examples of brave people or brave actions? Where does their bravery come from?
Are you a person who can persevere through difficult times?
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