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Sunday, May 6, 2012

English Club with a discussion on "A Calling"

What Spanish speaking place would you most like to visit? (rank 1-8):
- Super Classico: Real Madrid and FC Barcelona
- a boat ride through the Panama canal
- enjoying the beach in Cancun or the Mexican Rivera
- diving/snorkeling in Puerto Rico
- hiking to Machu Pichhu in Peru
- watching a bull fight in Spain
- dancing the Tango in Buenos Aries
- exploring rain forests and volcanoes in Costa Rica

Discussion Topic: A Calling
1. Do you think that every person has a calling or some special purpose in life?
2. Do you know what your calling is? Is your job or studies connected with your caliing?
3. What about a family life? Is it possible to have a calling to be a good father or mother?
4. What about people who don't know what their calling is? Should they search for a calling for themselves?
5. Is there a ifference between a calling and fate?
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