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Thursday, May 31, 2012

English Club on Ceremonies

  Topic: Ceremonies
Fun Fact of the Day: “The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper” (
1. What is the difference between a “ceremony” and a “ritual”? How do ceremonies differ from “customs” or “traditions”? What exactly are ceremonies and why are they important?
2. Do ceremonies tend to have a more personal or social purpose? Are they typically meaningful or just empty repetitions of an expected action? Do you tend to see ceremonies as good and interesting or unnecessary and boring?
3. What are some examples of common ceremonies you can think of? What ceremonies have you participated in yourself? Are there specific ceremonies that you take part in regularly?
4. How are ceremonies directly related to holidays? Which holidays tend to have the most ceremonies related to their celebrations? Which of these are the most interesting for you?
5. In what ways are ceremonies related to “rites of passage” and different stages of our lives? What do you think are the most important ceremonies as we get older? Are you enthusiastic about any of these events or do you find them more of an annoyance?
6. If you could create your own ceremony for a specific purpose, what would its main goal be and why? Would it be a meaningful event or more of a show? How would this ceremony take place and where would it be held?
Saturday, 01 June at 10:30
Thursday, 07 June at 5:30

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