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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Europe Day

English Club – May 19, 2012
Questions with Partners

Which 3 European countries would you most like to visit?
How many European capitals can your group name?

Discussion Topic: Europe
1. What time in European history is the most interesting for you? What European historical event or period would you most like to visit?
2. Which European country has the most delicious cuisine in your opinion? How does Ukrainian cuisine compare with other countries of Europe? 
3. Other than English, which European language is the most beautiful in your opinion? Can you speak any of the other European languages? Which European language would be the most difficult to learn? 
4. Which is the most beautiful European city? 
5. Do you think that Vinnytsia is making good progress in becoming a more European city? 
6. What do you think will be the first impression that European football fans have about Ukraine? 
7. What do you want the European visitors to say about Ukraine after they go home?
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