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Thursday, May 19, 2011

English-Speaking Club about ... Confidence

Question for Groups
Who do you think is the most interesting person from history? If you could ask them anything, what would you ask?
Discussion Topic: Confidence
1.In what situations are you a confident person? In which situations are you unsure of yourself?
2.Do you think that having confidence can help when trying to learn a foreign language? How?
3.What gives you confidence? Compliments? Advice from trusted people?
4.In general, are confident people more successful than people who are not confident?
5.When is it better to have confidence than talent?
6.Which is a better situation: A person who has low confidence, but lots of talent, or a person who is very confident but is not talented?
Interview Contest
Our Schedule
Saturday, May 21 – 1030 Library
Tuesday, May 24 – 1745 Library (Beginners and Intermediate)
Thursday, May 26 – 1730 Library

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