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Thursday, May 19, 2011

VITA ZELENSKA - the winner of the International Writing Olympics...

    The participant of THE INTERNATIONAL WRITING OLYMPICS in Ukraine VITA ZELENSKA was awarded for her creative writing composition and was the best one in Vinnytsia Region.
    It was coordinated by Peace Corps Volunteers as a great way to encourage pupils [forms 6-11] and university students [years 1-4] to use English in a fun and interesting way. Writing was judged on creativity of ideas more than perfection of mechanics.
    Congratulations to Vinnytska Oblast International Writing Olympics winner Vita Zelenska from Vinnitsya State Pedagogical University were given by Peace Corps Volunteer Melissa Krut.
      Thanks to all who participated in this Peace Corps-coordinated contest! 

2011 International Writing Olympics- Ukraine
Please answer the following questions and return this form to  Thanks for all of the time and energy you’ve put into this project! 
Please identify your role in this contest (judge, 
oblast coordinator, school coordinator, etc]:  

1- Was it difficult to encourage participation?
2- What worked well for you in encouraging participation?
3- What problems, if any, did you see at the school/ local level?
4- What problems, if any, did you see at the oblast level?
5- What problems, if any, did you see at the national level?
6- Did you use any of the preparatory materials [last year's questions, lesson plans]?
7- Did you develop your own preparatory materials?
8- How did other teachers/ professionals respond?
9- How did students respond?
10- Did anything surprise you about the process/ results?
11- Were the instructions sufficiently clear?
12- Was the rubric sufficiently clear?
13- Was enough time allowed for each stage?
14- What prizes were you able to provide at the school and oblast levels?
15- Any ideas or improvements for next year?
16- Any other comments you’d like to share?

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