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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Do you like your job? Not everyone loves their job. Some hate the hours, their commute, their coworkers, or simply the fact they have to leave their home. But given the choice between the jobs listed below and their own, we're betting that most people would choose the one they've got. In no particular order, we've highlighted 25 of the most dirty, difficult, and hazardous jobs that some people do every day.

Coal Mining: One of the most dangerous careers in the world, coal mining is a dirty job. Underground mines are cold, noisy, dark, and damp, sometimes with water on the mine floor. Breathing in coal dust can lead to a lung disorder called "black lung," and on top of all that, accidents can occur, where miners are subject to explosions or getting trapped underground.
US President: It's not hard to understand why the President of the United States has one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Aside from a constantly hectic schedule, the President is responsible for making wise decisions about war, peace, politics, and the fate of not just the United States, but often, other nations and even the world.
Alaskan Crab Fishing: Alaskan crab fishers have the most dangerous job in the world. The commercial fishing industry is difficult in general, but Alaska crab fishers have a particularly deadly and dirty profession. Hauling nets and cages that weigh several hundred pounds is one thing. Doing it in freezing rain, while on icy decks in unsteady water is completely insane. But Alaskan crab fishers do it, and some live to tell the tale.

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