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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vinnytsia English-Speaking Club in India

Question for Groups 
Imagine that you could borrow the talents of one famous person for one week. Whose talents would you borrow, and what would you do?
Discussion Topic: India
1.Would you like to travel to India? Do you think it would be difficult to travel there because there are so many people? 
2. One of India’s hero’s is Mahatma Gandhi. What do you know about his life and philosophy? Do you agree with his teachings?
3. India’s Bollywood films are popular all over the world. Do you like this style of film? Who from our group would make a good Bollywood actor?
4. A few years ago, film and book about India, Slumdog Millionaire (Мільйонер із нетрів) became very popular. Did you see this film? What did you think?
5. India’s universities and economy are growing quickly. What do you think will be with this country in the future?
Group Contest: 
As a team, design an interesting (but possible) activity for our English Club to do this summer. I can be for a few hours or even a weekend. The idea should be creative and interesting for many people in the club, but it should also be something that we could actually do.
Our Schedule
Tuesday, May 17 – 1745 Library (Beginners and Intermediate)
Thursday, May 19 – 1730 Library
Saturday, May 21 – 1030 Library

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