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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Effective Presentations. Training 3: Delivering a Presentation

At least, we have the 3d training on Effective Presentations. The next two activities are dedicated to making our own presentations. It is time to create and implement our ideas how to presentable. 
The key words of this training are the following ones: Posture, Presence, Voice qualities (Volume, Pace, Pitch), Breathing and Drinking, Humor, Reading vs. Learning, Contact with Audience, etc. You will be absolutely right when saying that the topic of today's ativity is Delivering Presentations. 
'Giving presentations can be a complex and anxiety-ridden task. Every word, every nuance, your appearance, the tone of your voice, not to mention the content of your presentation, will be scrutinized in every way /, / 
You are welcome to get to know more on it participating in this activity with maryna Lysun as an instructor.

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