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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

English Club with Matt (A Movie)

English Club – September 18, 2012
Opening Question
· What was the biggest favor you ever asked for from a friend? Did a friend ever ask you for a big favor?
Vocab and Slang from the Film:
·         Clammy
·         College
·         Bite the big one
·         showing some houses today
·         They bought it…
·         Never doubt it for a second…
·         To barf
·         Make it count
·         Faking someone out
·         Phony
·         Dead lock
·         Cramp
·         Palms of your hands
·         To condone something
·         To bum a ride
·         a walrus
·         31 Flavors
·         Sort something out
·         Wound-up tight
·         It Slipped my mind
·         Coast through something
·         Wake-up and smell the coffee
·         Born under a bad sign
·         Freshman
·         I  don’t trust him any farther than I can throw him
·         Ticket to nowhere
·         Bearer of bad tidings
·         Setting someone up
Questions for Discussion
Have you ever skipped school or work? How did you do it? Were you ever caught? How would you spend your free day? 
Team Game

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