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Saturday, September 8, 2012

English Speaking Club with Matt M. celebrates Vinnytsia Day

· Together with your partners, try to rank the best 10 cities in Ukraine. Please consider all aspects of life in the city, including education, work, safety, the environment, museums, cultural life, entertainment, etc. 
· Are you a fan of extreme sports? Are there any extreme sports you would be willing to try? Which ones would you never try under any circumstances? 
· Who was the best boss you’ve ever had? Who was the worst? What made them so good/bad? 
Discussion Topic: Vinnytsia Day
1. In your opinion, what are the main advantages of living in Vinnytsia? How do you think our city compares with other cities in Ukraine? In Europe?
2. Are there any disadvantages or problem areas in your opinion? What should be improved to make life better for the citizens of Vinnytsia?
3. Do you enjoy the major holiday events that happen in our city (Day of Europe, Day of Vinnytsia, etc.)? What changes would you make if you were the organizer?
4. Do you think there are adequate educational and work opportunities in Vinnytsia?
5. Do you have a favorite place or building in our city? How would you describe the architectural style of Vinnytsia?
6. Do you think that people from Vinnytsia are more or less proud of their city than people from other cities? How can you know?
7. What changes do think we will see in Vinnytsia 10 years from now?
Group Contest
Can you guess the city rankings?
Organize your own ‘Vinnytsia Day, but with a very small budget…
What should Vinnytsia be famous for?

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