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Saturday, September 29, 2012

English Club on Privacy, Comfort, and Technology

Fun Fact of the Day: “The first U.S. capital was New York City” ( 
1. What is privacy? Do you think privacy exists in our modern world? How do you try to protect your own privacy? In what ways is our privacy compromised? Do you think that “private” phone calls and emails, for example, are really private? How can you protect yourself? 
2. Some people consider social networks as an “invasion” of privacy? Do you agree? How can information we put on social networks affect our daily lives? What social networking sites do you use? How do you try to protect your privacy on these sites? Is there anything you think you should avoid sharing on such pages? 
3. What other problems have arisen due to social networks? Do you think that people can become truly addicted to social networking? How have social networks changed face-to-face interactions between people? 
4. Some scientists link a reliance on technology and social networks to an increase in depression. Do you think that there is a connection between them? If a person spends their entire day using one mode of technology or another (at work and at home), how may this affect their social interactions? Do they become almost robotic in their daily routines as a result? 
5. Do you think that people have become overly reliant on technology? Is it a good or a bad thing to follow all technological advances? Do you consider some technological changes as obsolete or do you think that any change is a good improvement? 
6. How have technology and social networks severely altered certain individuals’ comfort zones? What is your comfort zone? Does your comfort zone rely on technology and social networks? Does your comfort zone stress the importance of privacy? How does your comfort zone differ in various aspects of your life? 
Schedule: Please put your topic ideas in our Suggestion Box! 
Thursday, 04 October at 5:30 
Saturday, 06 October at 10:30

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