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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Potential, Self-Reflection, Ignorance, and Conformity

Topic: Potential, Self-Reflection, Ignorance, and Conformity
 Fun Fact of the Day: 98% of the world’s crayfish is found off the coast of what state? Louisiana (
1. What does the word “potential” mean? Do you think you are living up to your potential in life? If so, how did you get to this point? If not, what do you think you need to do to fulfill your place in this world and be successful? What is your true potential? Do you need to reach it to be successful and even happy? 
2. What is “self-reflection”? How does it help us meetour inner potential? Do you think that you can effectively evaluate your character or do you rely on the help of others to see your positive and negative traits? How well do you think you know yourself? Can self-reflection lead to self-improvement and success?  
3. Can we rely on others to help us to reach our full potential? What is more important, self-worth (appreciation of yourself) or acceptance by others? Is it really possible to “follow your heart” and reach your full potential in personal relationships, at school, and at work without offending others? 
4. What is “conformity”? How does conformity change us? Do you think that you must conform to accepted social norms to reach success? Can we simultaneously conform to social patterns and maintain our individuality? How do you think you can become more successful, by following your dreams on your own or by listening to the advice and guidance of others? Can you fulfill your potential through conformity? 
5. What is “ignorance” and how is it related to conformity? Can an ignorant person ever be truly successful? Do you believe in the saying, “ignorance is bliss”? Can someone who embraces ignorance stay true to their inner character and fulfill their potential in life? 
6. Based on this discussion, how do you think a person’s character and drive for success is really formed? Is it possible to be true to yourself at all times? How can self-reflection and evaluation help us build character? How can conformity and ignorance alter it? Can we ever reach our full potential? 
Schedule: Please remember to put topic ideas in our Suggestion Box! 
Saturday, 15 September at 10:30 
Thursday, 20 September at 5:30- let me know if you would like to lead!

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