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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mysteries and the Unknown

Mysteries and the Unknown 
Fun Fact of the Day: The only active diamond mine in the U.S. is found in what state? Arkansas ( 
1. What is a "mystery"? When you hear this word, what do you think of? How often are we confronted with something mysterious in our lives? Do you think mysteries are exciting, aggravating, or uninteresting? Do you think there are things that happen to us that simply cannot be explained? 
2. How are mysterious circumstances usually dealt with? Think of a mystery you have been confronted with in your life. What was the situation and how did you solve it? Do you think that anything is truly mysterious or rather that mysteries are misunderstandings or manifestations (physical examples) of unknown circumstances? 
3.What is "paranormal activity"? Do you believe that certain events or "mysteries" cannot be explained by science? Do you think that paranormal activity actually exists? Do you think it is a myth or a means of control through fear?How can you compare belief in the unexplained and scientific pursuits? 
4. How do you see examples of paranormal activity reflected in society? Why do you think there are so many TV shows and movies with references to ghosts and other supernatural beings? Do you believe in them? Do you mink that a place can be "paranormal" or "haunted" like many shown on television? 
5. What are "ghost stories" and how do they affect us? Do you know any such stories? Have you heard of individuals who claim to talk to supernatural beings or ghosts? Do you believe them? What do you think their motivation may be for pursuing this career path? 
6. How are psychics and fortunetellers viewed in society? Do you think they can really see the future or are they just trying to make money? Would you ever consult a fortuneteller of any kind? Why or why not? Some people believe that dreams also help predict the future. Do you agree? 
7. What is one mystery about the universe that you hope will be solved in your lifetime? 
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