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Thursday, October 13, 2011

How can stress effect our lives? Communication is the key to good health

"Communication is the key to good health." - Anonymous

How can stress effect our lives?

Stress can affect us in many ways. 

Stress can affect us in many areas of our lives. It can adversely affect our health to such a degree as to either cause death...
Topic: Stress
1. What is stress? When do you usually feel stressed? What tends to cause you stress? Do you ever feel more stressed during a particular time of the year or around certain people? If  so, why do you think you feel that way?
2. What is the difference between stress and stressful situation situation? Give an example of a stressful situation. How did you overcome any obstacles to solve this issue? After it was solved, did you still feel stressed?
3. Beyond coping with stressful situations, how do you relieve daily stresses? What activities hepl you feel better? Is there such a thing as too much stress or is all stress equal in its effects on a person?
4. Can stress be a good thing? Does stress ever motivate you to do well in work or in your studies? How can stress be good, useful or necessary in our lives?
5. How does stress affect your health? Do you think that negative feelings and emotions can cause physical symptoms? When you are stressed, how do you feel physically and emotionally? Do you have problems eating or sleeping? Can stress lead to bad health? Conversely, does limiting stress help you to stay as healthy as possible? can stress sometimes be beneficial to health?
6. Have you ever helped a friend who was feeling overly stressed? If so, how did you keep him or her distracted? Can your stress cause problems for friends or family? Can someone else's stress affect your health and wellbeing?
7. Is there such a thing as "stress free"? Could you live a stress free life?

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