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Saturday, October 29, 2011

English Club – October 29, 2011

Introduction Question: For you, what is the perfect way to spend a weekend?
    Task with Partners
Together with your partner, imagine that you had the opportunity to invite to the English Club a guest speaker. This person could be from anywhere in the world, and would speak about their home and country. They could be famous or just an ordinary person from an interesting culture. Who would you invite?
Discussion Topic:
 1.     Do you think that a country’s geographic position has an impact on the character of the people? For example, are people in countries with hot weather different from people from cold countries?
2.     Do you think that Ukraine’s climate has an impact on the character of the people? In what way?
3.     Do you think that you would be a different person if you had grown-up in a country with a different climate?
4.     Which countries’ climate and character suits you best (other than Ukraine)? Do you think you would feel at home in another country?
5.     Of course it’s not good to believe in stereotypes about different nations and peoples. What problems can occur if you believe that stereotypes about other people are true?
 Group Contest
Our Schedule
Thursday, November 3 – 1730 
Saturday,  November 5 – 1030
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